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ESDGC offers an overarching concept for schools to be able to see the links and interrelationships between aspects such as energy use, the loss of biodiversity, the impacts of global poverty and how culture and identity affect the way we interpret and value things.

Through ESDGC, pupils can learn about the impacts of the decisions they make, how needs and rights are not always equal throughout the world and how climate change is affecting us all.

ESDGC is delivered through classroom activities, through whole school initiatives and through the partnerships that the school builds to enhance the holistic education that it delivers.

Current work is looking to align the common understanding of ESDGC for schools with the emerging Curriculum 2008. Training and resource development will be undertaken working alongside ‘Enabling Effective Support’ ( and within other networks and structures.

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Global Citizenship Secondary School Map - Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (pdf)